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Kite Circus celebrates kite-boarding 360 degrees on Water (kitesurf) Snow (snowkite) and Land (landkite) to spread the freedom to ride in all elements and natural conditions.

It takes passion, effort and time to make a great journey

Kite Circus is a kite-boarding specialized service where you can find kite camps and book your kite holidays around the world. The destination spots are selected by a team of expert riders who put in the travel packages all their long- time riders’ experience and their true passion for kiteboarding 360 degrees. We are experts and professionals in choosing the best spots according to seasonal wind and weather conditions, waves and tides.  We guarantee the quality of the riding in safety for maximum enjoyment, both if you are advanced riders hunting for that extreme wind thrill in strong wind, or beginners just starting to feel the energy vibes of this amazing sport and needing mellow wind and calm waters, flat snow areas and easy land.

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Improve your riding and leave the rest up to us with Kite Circus Kite Camps

Booking with Kite Circus means you don’t fall in the unpleasant surprises and often dangerous situations of the “DYO” (do-your-own) kite holidays. We know all the local guides, accommodations and restaurants in the selected locations, hand-picked by us according to a careful selection, so you will also benefit from our international knowledge and experience in how to fully enjoy a kite experience in comfort. We invested our energies and time to tailor the kite experience around your needs, so you can take active part in our Circus and become our friend and ambassador: your feedback and suggestions during your trip are always highly valuable so they can help improve it for the next Kite Circus friends. The Kite Camps are short snack-experiences to improve your level of kite riding, so you will learn new riding techniques and grow as a rider in safety, coached by senior instructors and see a progression for yourself in the discipline.

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Upcoming Camps

Join us on our next kite adventure, experience top quality coaching in incredible destinations. Have a browse of what’s coming up and get involved!


Jan 15/25 2020

Ride the eternal spring island.

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February 15/20  2020

Snowkite Camp

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29 March – 3 April 2020

Pro Freestyle and Wave Clinics

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Need some new gear?

Kite Circus also works as an on-line kite shop: we sell gear and products of selected quality brands for good value prices and kite-deals on new and used equipments, supporting the new and advanced riders with their technical requirements for kitesurfing, snowkiting and landkiting.

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